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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Eleven Plus Etiquette

It is very likely that there is no need for anyone to be reminded of any eleven plus etiquette – but just in case - - - -


You know that a formal invitation written in the third person must be answered in the third person.

Mrs Super Tutor invites Mr and Mrs `Please-help-our-son’ to attend lessons on a Tuesday at 17.00. R.S.V.P

Mr and Mrs `Please-help-our-son’ thank Mrs Super Tutor and have much pleasure in accepting the invitation for their son t0o attend the extra lesson on Tuesday at 17.00.

What to Wear

As this is around afternoon tea time, Mr and Mrs `Please-help-our-son’ should wear a frock or a suit with hat and gloves. (No jeans, please.)

The child of Mr and Mrs `Please-help-our-son’ should wear a neat shirt and appropriate trousers – be they shorts or longs. Bare feet will be frowned upon – on an initial interview.)

The Curtsey

This is likely to be the most contentious issue surrounding the eleven plus:

Should the mother of the eleven plus candidate offer Mrs Super Tutor a curtsey or a bob?