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Thursday, November 01, 2012

Your Dog and the Eleven Plus

Many dogs and cats must listen intently to eleven plus lessons. Some dogs, however, may feel that they have had their day and there no longer is a reason to listen to interminable lessons and discussions.

In the ancient world opinion was divided on the question of how much dogs can reason.

Chrysippus’s dog, however, showed strong ability with multiple choice type questions. The dog was a hunting dog and sometimes came to a three-way cross road. (We can call the roads a) b) and c) for the sake of argument.)

If the dog failed to pick up the scent on the first two roads he would set off on the third road without further investigation. Did the dog think:

It is not a)

It is not b)

So it must be c)?

 Sadly the dog could not talk so it could not justify its choice.

When your dog prick’s up his or her ears and wags his or her tail at a certain point – do you, and your child, accept that the dog may be right? Perhaps some of you may care test out Chrysippus’s theory?

It will certainly be no use trying an experiment with your cat. The little animal would look at you with disdain – and return to sleep! No clues there for your eleven plus multiple choice work!