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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Eleven Plus and Autokinetic Movement

Will any children ever have to put up with a regime that includes involvement with `autokinetic movement’? This is where an eleven plus child would be encouraged to focus on the apparent movement of a very small beam of light. Can you imagine your child sitting in a darkened room apparently watching a little light move round the room?

If your child could see the light in relation to an eleven plus question you would be able to ask you child if he or she actually saw the light moving.

An experiment, some years ago, asked subjects to say out loud where and when they saw the light. It was found that after three or four attempts the lights converged. In eleven plus terms this means that you would sit with your child, in a darkened room, and talk where and when you saw the light. Each of you would describe where the light was and its intensity.

Now the eleven plus is not about sitting in darkened rooms and developing an illusion – but it is to do with how two or more people can arrive at a consensus. If you, and your child, go over key questions a few times, then each of you will be shaped and moulded by the experience.

You will be able to say: “Well we have done this before – I am sure you can remember if you try.”

Your child will be able to say: “Yes we have done this twice before. I remember now. We do it this way.”

You will be able to retire to your chair before the fire, and murmur to yourself: “Thank heavens for autokinetic movement’. The revision and consolidation really worked this time!”