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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Eleven Plus and Ending a Famine

The Eleven Plus maze is reasonably easy to wander through under certain conditions. Savvy eleven plus parents will use the example of the life and accomplishments of Imhotep.

Many years ago I went to Aswan – just when the dam was in all the news. I was introduced to the importance of Imhotep on learning. Imhotep was credited with the invention of stone architecture. He also wrote a number of books of wisdom. Long after his death he was venerated as a god of medicine.

If, therefore, you want your eleven plus child to become a doctor or architect – then look no further than reading him or her stories about Imhotep. If you want to appear to be very wise in the playground you will recount your nodding acquaintance of Imhotep.

He was revered by the Egyptians for one highly significant feat. The Nile failed to rise for seven years and there was not enough water to irrigate the fields beside the River Nile. He discovered that Hapy lived in twin caverns under the island of Elephantine. Imhotep offered lavish offerings and the water was released. The famine was ended with a bounteous harvest.

Clue Number One

If you want your child to do well in the eleven plus examinations – try lavish offerings.

Clue Number Two

If you want your child to become a highly respected professional then make sure that he or she knows at least something about Imhotep. (He lived in the 27th century B.C.!)

Eleven Plus Question

How many centuries are there from today to the 27th Century B.C.?