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Wednesday, November 07, 2012

The Eleven Plus Bomb

The very well-known Cecil Day Lewis once wrote a poem called the `Unexploded Bomb’. The poem described how two neighbours found an unexploded bomb – half in the one garden and half in the other. The neighbours were not really on speaking terms.

They argued about the responsibility for the bomb but neither would give way. The common feeling was that the bomb acted as a guard between the neighbours. It was suggested to them that they should call the bomb squad to have the bomb removed.

The neighbours did not want anyone to enter their gardens and dig up the bomb.

The unexploded bomb stayed where it was.

The approach of the eleven plus is not a journey with a bomb ticking away at the end. The Eleven Plus Examination has the potential to instigate a gentle meander through learning and sharing activities. There are books and papers to work through –peacefully and with dignity. There is time for parents and children to share `quality time’.

Naturally there will be flare-ups about work, time, family relationships, school, friends, swimming, skate boards, clothes and answers to eleven plus questions – but a family’s strength, in theory, should prevail.