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Friday, November 30, 2012

Pre-Eleven Plus Tests

Name of Test: Year 4 Mathematics Test
Author: The Extra Tuition Team
Country: England
Publisher: On line through the Extra Tuition Centre
Year: 2012/13
Type: On-Line, at home, school computer suite
Number of Attempts: 3
Age Range: Year 4 children
Skills Tested: Year 4 Mathematical skills within the National Curriculum
Time: Untimed – but 20 to 25 minutes

This test is one of a battery of tests aimed at diagnosing strengths and weaknesses for children studying topics within England’s National Curriculum. The test can be offered within Levels 1-5 - thus allowing parents and teachers to be able to look for areas where problems may lie, as well as topics for enrichment and extension.

The items in the test are drawn from an item bank. The test can only look at new and fresh skills – or it can go over some topics that have been tested previously.

The results can be compared to those found within schools covering National Curriculum levels. This comparison can be used for validation and reliability studies.